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Doepfer A-100: Harmony Central User Reviews
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Technical Details A-100
Technical Details A-100 The Principles of Voltage Control What makes analogue synthesizers (and modular systems in particular) special is that the important parameters of the sound sources (VCO, nois

A-100 Overview
A-100 Analoges Modulsystem - Modul?bersicht A-100 Analog Modular System - Modules Overview A-10X A-11X A-12X A-13X A-14X A-15X A-16X A-17X A-18X A-19X Filters II Sound sources and modifiers Filters I

A-100 Accessories
A-100 Analog Modular System - Accessories and Spare Parts The prices for the A-100 accessories you find in the price list in the section A-100 accessories or in the section spare parts. Please specif

A-100 English Main Page
A-100 Analog Modular System In the A-100, Doepfer have produced a capable and versatile analog modular synthesizer, built in the style of the classic modular systems of the seventies. The renaissance

A-100 Reading
A-100 Further Reading The resources in the following list should help you increase your knowledge of analog synthesis, and the skill with which you can use modular systems like the A-100. Please don'

A-100 Future Modules
A-100 Future Modules (as of August 2016) The following modules are running out. Sale while stocks last ! A-100CGK A-100 CV/Gate Keyboard no longer available A-101-9 Universal Vactrol Module no longer

CTM64 Infopiralshaped musical keyboard built with
A:hover {color: #800000; text-decoration: underline; font-family: Arial; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold} CTM64 Contact To MIDI Interface Universelle MIDI-Out-Nachr?stung / Universal MIDI Out K

A-100 Portable Versions
A-100 Suitcase Versions 6U (A-100P6) A-100P6 with built-in Theremin/Sequencer system A-100P6 (the pictures still show an older version with A-100PSU2 without power supply cover) For mobile use also p

A-100 System Suggestions
A-100 System Suggestions Apart from the standard systems that are shown in the A-100 Standard Systems Overview we have collected some additional systems that are suitable for typical applications of

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